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US$ 1,000
half day 

The boat will be stocked with all top of the line fishing gear and bait.  Just turn up with your sunblock and your snacks for the day.


There is great fishing to be had in the waters off of Grand Cayman.  Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna and Snapper are some of the fresh catches found in our waters, depending on the season.  Your private boat charter can be completely customized to your groups desires. 


The boat will be stocked with all top of the line fishing gear.  Just turn up with your sunblock and your snacks for the day. Your day can be completely customized! 


"Book your private deep sea fishing charter in the Cayman Islands today!"

Fishing For WAHOO In The Cayman Islands

The wahoo is a cosmopolitan species found in all tropical and subtropical waters around the planet. It is built for speed; long and slim with a stiff upright tail and long pointed jaws equipped with sharp teeth. It has colours typical of ocean game fish, with blues, purples and bronze but is characterized by vivid “tiger” stripes running down the body, particularly when excited.

Fishing For MAHI-MAHI In The Cayman Islands

The dolphin fish is a cosmopolitan species found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters in the open ocean. In the eastern Pacific and Spanish speaking countries they are called “dorado” and in Hawaii they are referred to as “mahi mahi.” Nowadays to avoid confusion in the minds of the consuming public, dolphin fish are called “mahi” by the restaurant trade all over North America.

Fishing For Blackfin or Yellow Fin Tuna In The Cayman Islands

Blackfins are the most common small tuna around the Cayman Islands and can be caught year round along the deep drop-off, but tend to aggregate around the ends of the islands where the current hits the wall.  Yellow fin tuna are seasonal.  

Tarpon fishing
Fishing For Tarpon In The Cayman Islands.

From 12 inches or less to about 75 pounds, on average. Famous for the spectacle and frequency of its jumps and it is a great fight!  They leap frequently enough in shallow water and we mostly catch these in canals and waterways.  


"Contact us today, to book your private fishing trip charter in the Cayman Islands."

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