US$ 650
3 Hours / 1-6 People
US$ 750
3 Hours 7-8 People
US$ 850
3 Hours 9-10 People

Blue Haven Charters is located on the North Side of Grand Cayman and departs from Cayman Kai.

* US$ 200 for each additional hour


Blue Haven Charters is a small, personalized company operated solely by the owner, Blair.  He offers private, personalized boat charters to the famous Stingray City, Starfish Point, snorkeling and deep sea fishing!  Blair will even take you through the canals to look at Real Estate!


Blue Haven Charters is located on the North Side of Grand Cayman and departs from Cayman Kai.  If you are staying at a rental home in Cayman Kai, dock pick ups at your doorstep may be available.  

*Camana Bay pick-ups can be arranged; Blue Haven Charters can completely customize your trip! Just email us for a quote!

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Have A Swim At Starfish Point In The Cayman Islands
Starfish Point Grand Cayman is a breath-takingly beautiful location. A remote beach situated on the Northern coast of Grand Cayman, with shallow, crystal clear water on all sides. Aptly named because the water is full of amazing starfish that naturally live here and regularly frequent the shallows looking for food.
Starfish Point
Rum Point
Have Lunch At Rum Point In The Cayman Islands
Located on the tranquil North Side of Grand Cayman, Rum Point Restaurant is a popular and safe family getaway with idyllic surroundings. The Wreck Bar & Grill is known as “the Home of the Mudslide”. Also on the property is their acclaimed evening restaurant, offering a casual finer dining atmosphere. Delicious menu selections prepared by their international culinary team include local fish and lobster which are combined with international flavours and styling.
Kaibo Beach Bar and Marina
Have Lunch At Kaibo Beach Bar In The Cayman Islands

Kaibo at Cayman Kai on Grand Cayman's north side is a truly rewarding tranquil retreat, open to the public daily and free of charge. Cayman Kaibo is always crowd free! Kaibo does not bus in cruise passengers! Grand Cayman Kaibo near Cayman Rum Point offers a broad selection of very reasonably priced drinks, meals and snacks at their popular and charming beach bar.


Camana Bay
Have Lunch At Camana Bay In The Cayman Islands
The town of Camana Bay in the Cayman Islands ushers in a new lifestyle experience for the Caribbean. Stretching 600 acres from Grand Cayman’s famous Seven-Mile Beach to the North Sound, this unique community was developed by Dart Realty in collaboration with an exceptional team of visionaries — architects, city planners, landscape designers, wind, water, and lighting experts. Together, they have cultivated Camana Bay as if it were a garden, seamlessly blending its contemporary design into the Caymanian landscape.


Morgan's Restaurant
Have Lunch At Morgan's In The Cayman Islands
Morgan's, in the newly redeveloped Cayman Islands Yacht Club, is an elegant waterfront restaurant. They offer diners their popular ocean-to-table seafood menu, all while you take in the panoramic views of Governor's Creek. The new restaurant is light, airy, casually elegant with a towering ceiling and large doors that open onto their extensive waterfront deck...


George Town Yacht Club
Have Lunch At The George Town Yacht Club In The Cayman Islands
George Town Yacht Club (GTYC) is located on the waterfront at The Barcadere Marina, Grand Cayman, and is the perfect place to relax after a day out on the water, unwind after a day in the office, to share your fish stories or simply hang out with good friends. The Club is conveniently located near the airport and a is a great pit stop for breakfast or lunch before a flight.


Have Lunch At The Ritz Carlton In The Cayman Islands
With a name that evokes the inspiration for its seafood-inspired menu, diners can enjoy the mastery of Chef Eric Ripert’s Grand Cayman Island’s restaurant, Blue by Eric Ripert. In addition to this signature dining experience, we offer a collection of five additional restaurants and lounges, each promising an epicurean journey on Seven Mile Beach from morning to night.


The Ritz Carlton

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