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US$ 700
3 Hours / 1-6 People
US$ 800
3 Hours 7-8 People
US$ 900
3 Hours 9-10 People

Snorkeling equipment (masks, fins and snorkel) available upon request;

Blue Haven Services will completely customize your trip! Just email us for a quote!

*US$250 for each  additional hour


What to expect?

A typical 3 hr charter with Blair starts off with being picked up at Kaibo Restaurant’s marina or private dock, if possible. There will be a cooler filled with ice and bottled waters. Feel free to bring aboard any other beverages of your choice. Then you will be off to the Stingray City sandbar where you will get to swim with the rays. First Mate Brayden will be there with the squid and will show you his skills as the stingray whisperer! Bonus is you will not hear any whistles blowing from our boat. You can stay in the sea as long as your charter allows. No one will be rushed! 


From Stingray City, you will then be taken to snorkel at one of the incredible coral heads where you will be away from all of the crowds exploring this incredible underwater world. Captain Blair will check the cruise ship schedule to plan the best time for your charter. Then when the day is over, you will return to the Kaibo Marina. 

"Book your private Stingray City and snorkeling charter in the Cayman Islands today!"

The Sandbar at Stingray City In The Cayman Islands 
Stingray City is one of the most unique places to visit in the world and home to the Southern Stingray.  It is a sandbar located in the North Sound right next to a beautiful pristine reef.  The waters are nice and shallow so you can stand in about 3 feet of water while viewing the rays.  The Southern Stingrays are known to be super friendly, like underwater puppies, and some of them are even named!  You will never get such a great underwater photo as you will here, so bring your waterproof camera on board!  
Snorkel At The Colorful Coral Heads In The Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman has some of the best snorkeling in the world and this is just one of the Cayman Islands hallmarks that is a must.  Expect depths between 3-10ft and immerse yourself in an exotic landscape of tropical fish, coral reefs and sponges.  There is so much to see in this underwater world!  Stingrays, reef fish, eagle rays, turtles, and more! Snorkeling is suitable for all ages so don't miss out!

"Contact us today, to book your private snorkeling trip in the Cayman Islands."

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